Fire Alarm Maintenance & Monitoring


What is included in a Fire Alarm Maintenance & Monitoring with Banham?

  • Two routine maintenance inspections per annum to ensure that the system is functioning correctly
  • Any developing fault found during an inspection will be rectified accordingly free of charge, except for components that need to be replaced outside the 12-month guarantee period. Device battery replacements are charged separately and as required
  • Free technical telephone support including an unlimited number of free remote resets
  • Access to 24-hour emergency cover and service engineers throughout the year, and in the event of a system failure or emergency, you are entitled to a service within 4 hours of the request. These visits are charged separately and at preferential rates
  • Reports of your inspection are provided, as a maintenance contract is often a requirement as part of any insurance policy
  • All maintenance inspections are pre-booked well in advance to allow for the opportunity to
    rearrange the visit should the booked date pose an inconvenience
  • 24-hour monitoring from Banham’s in-house Alarm Receiving Centre
  • A Monitored Fire alarm guarantees a Fire Brigade response in the event your Fire Detection system is triggered, potentially saving your home or business premises from damage by fire

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